800.6176/515: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

4780. Substance of 3-point rubber program outlined in Embassy’s 4647 of June 10 proposed to Department by Lockwood during February trip to Washington. Department unequivocally rejected program for reasons given Lockwood at that time. In view of this, Department is disturbed at revival of proposal and apparent discussion with British and Dutch.

Objections to creation of international committee at this time included in Embassy’s 4647 of June 10 appear invalid to Department and to the contrary bolster the argument for early creation of international committee to discuss uncertainties of post-war rubber. Embassy is instructed not to give impression to British and Dutch that Department considers establishment of proposed committee premature nor to give impression that 3-point program outlined in Embassy’s 4647 is acceptable to Department.

Announcement of proposed informal London discussions made at Rubber Advisory Panel meeting held June 14. Department plans to send Haley accompanied by small group of advisors including two industry representatives to London as early as practicable. Tentative date July 15. Confirmation of precise date will follow as well as membership of advisory group.