The Department of State to the British Embassy


Reference is made to the Aide-Mémoire of the British Embassy dated October 9, 1944 informing the Department of State that instructions had been issued to the British Ambassador at Moscow to propose to the Soviet Government the institution, immediately after the cessation of hostilities, of a provisional international administration, to cover the whole navigable area of the Danube. It is stated that the objective of this provisional international administration, in which the British Government is prepared to participate, would be to restore as rapidly as possible the Danube as an important international means of communication.

It is noted that this administration would be brought within the framework of the projected European Inland Transport Organization when it is established. It is anticipated that the mechanics of such an arrangement will be the subject of discussion.

The British Embassy is informed that the United States Government agrees in principle to the establishment of the proposed provisional international administration for the Danube and likewise in principle is prepared to participate in its establishment.

The United States Ambassador at Moscow will be instructed4 to inform the Soviet Government that the United States Government agrees in principle to the proposal of the British Government and that the United States Government in principle is prepared to participate in the establishment of such a provisional international administration of the Danube.

  1. Telegram 2485, October 20, 8 p.m., to Moscow (repeated as telegram 8726 to London), not printed.