The British Embassy to the Department of State


His Majesty’s Ambassador1 has the honour to inform the State Department that His Majesty’s Ambassador at Moscow2 has been instructed to propose to the Soviet Government the institution, immediately after cessation of hostilities, of a provisional international administration to cover the whole navigable area of the Danube. Sir A. Clark Kerr is to state that His Majesty’s Government will be ready to participate in the administration, the object of which would be to restore as rapidly as possible, and maintain the use of, the Danube as an important international means of communication. He is to say that the proposed Danube administration would be brought within the framework of the projected European Inland Transport Organisation3 when it is established. He is to point out the necessity for speedy clearance of British mines laid in the river and to offer to contribute an adequate mine-sweeping force for this purpose (which would be withdrawn as soon as the mines are cleared), a few officers for administrative duties and one gunboat plus four defense motor launches.

Lord Halifax has the honour to express the hope that the United States Government will agree to participate in the proposed International Danube Administration and also, if the general idea is acceptable to them, that they will so inform the Soviet Government.
Should the United States Government find themselves unable for any reason to participate, it is hoped that none the less they will express to the Soviet Government their concurrence in the proposal.
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