856.48/10–3044: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman) to the Secretary of State

9369. ReLeg’s 1357, October 25 to London repeated to Department as 4350.60 Question of sending of Swedish ship to the Netherlands was originally raised with Department by Netherlands Embassy early in October and it is Embassy’s understanding that subject to British [Page 288] concurrence Department was at that time prepared to approve shipment provided Swedish Red Cross or the IRC would undertake supervision of distribution and provided the amounts of food involved were approved by blockade authorities. (ReDept’s 8240, October 7 to London not repeated to Stockholm.)

British Government informed approves shipment and grants safe conduct as stated in Legation’s reference telegram and Embassy’s message sent Stockholm as 649 repeated Department as 9369. It is Embassy’s understanding that view of Department is that shipment under adequate safeguards should be expedited.

  1. Telegram 4350 from Stockholm, not printed, but see last part of footnote 58, above.