840.48/9–2644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden (Johnson)

2058. Infotel. At instance of this Government the question of relaxing blockade to permit limited relief shipments to Allied territory remaining under enemy occupation was recently taken up in London. There seems to be reason to believe that it will be possible to arrange for a modification in that policy but final clearance especially with the military authorities has not yet been received. At this time pending further developments it is not possible to give a definitive reply on the proposals set forth in your 3883, September 26.59 Legation will be kept informed of developments. Whisler may be informed in confidence of foregoing.

  1. In this telegram the Minister reported on discussions he had held with Norwegian and Swedish relief officials concerning relief activities in Norway. On the basis of these discussions he concluded that distribution of relief supplies in Norway was being carried out with a minimum of interference from the Germans and that he was therefore recommending that a more liberal policy respecting the licensing of shipments be adopted; he also recommended that additional supplies of food and clothing be forwarded from the United States. (840.48/9–2644)