800.8830/2278: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

1215. Penteado,45 representative of National Coffee Department in New York City, has telegraphed the Minister of Finance that the following vessels will shortly leave South Africa for Brazil with coal: Boris, Imperio Lionel, Thistle Port, Dalmore, Imperio Ballard. He also said that the vessels will proceed in ballast from Brazilian ports to Trinidad where they will load bauxite for New York. He added: “I have arranged with the Coffee Board that these vessels should carry Brazilian coffee to New York or New Orleans or as a last resort to Trinidad where it could be warehoused until transported to New York. In view of the fact that the possibilities of transportation are better in the Trinidad-New York sector than those in the Brazil-New York sector, Itamaraty46 should make a request in the same sense to the American Embassy in Rio de Janeiro if you are in agreement.”

President Vargas has requested my cooperation in arranging for these ships to carry coffee.

  1. Eurico Penteado, Brazilian Financial Attaché.
  2. Building of the Brazilian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.