033.1110 Wallace, Henry A./129c: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics8

From the Vice President. It has come to my attention that the chief executive in one of the countries I am visiting is preparing to give me a costly and elaborate gift. I, of course, appreciate the generous spirit that has prompted this gift, but, frankly, I am highly embarrassed by the prospect of receiving from anyone a gift of such great value. In the event that you learn that thought is being given to similar action, would you please take steps to have such action headed off. As of possible usefulness to you should need arise, you may say that you happen to know that I have a collection of victrola records of the songs of the other American republics, so would probably be appreciative of a small gift of half a dozen records of local songs with the Spanish words written out just as they are sung on both sides of the record together with their English translations; also that I am always glad to receive small packets of a few of the seeds of fruit and vegetables which grow unusually well in other lands.

I have confidence that, if this matter arises, you can handle it satisfactorily. [Wallace.]

  1. The Ambassadors in Panama, Colombia. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.