800.8830/2351: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

1027. La Gaceta, Tucuman, has obtained 300 tons space for newsprint from Flota but director states United States export permit unobtainable. Since La Gaceta, entirely pro-Allied and is at the present time in a critical situation regarding supplies, being forced to borrow 100 tons of newsprint which must be returned to various colleagues and making up amount lacking by using locally manufactured newsprint [Page 412] which is of inferior quality Embassy recommends that export permit be granted; that La Gaceta may utilize the 300 tons of space.78

General newsprint report following.79

  1. The Department replied in telegram No. 722, May 17, 1943, indicating that the recommendation would be followed (800.8830/2351).
  2. See footnote 80, below.