800.8830/2310: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Armour)

A–828. Your 727, April 3, midnight. The Department appreciates the Embassy’s comments concerning the efforts that are being made with respect to the expedition of newsprint.

The Department fails to understand El Mundo’s position in alleging discrimination. With the exception of La Prensa and La Nación, El Mundo has been shipped the largest amount of newsprint during the first 3 months of 1943. Flota, Dodero steamers and the S/S Buenos Aires carried newsprint for El Mundo, and of 30 consignees listed for April bookings on La Flota, El Mundo’s share is 300 tons. The Department is making every effort to see that El Mundo receives a continual supply of newsprint.

The Embassy’s suggestion to the publications that cooperation among themselves would permit a more orderly flow of supplies is an excellent one. Most of the complaints about newsprint have consisted in charges by one newspaper against the other of receiving preferred treatment. It should be stressed very strongly to the newspapers that they should make honest efforts to conserve their newsprint supplies by really reducing their requirements in order that they may have sufficient stocks on hand against any eventuality.

A report is being prepared for the Embassy detailing actual newsprint shipments by consignees for the first quarter of 1943.