811.34541D/10a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

5745. Personal for the Ambassador. I refer to my telegram of today’s date regarding the question of naval and air bases in Ireland. It is our understanding that the President has conveyed to the British Government a copy of a draft note to the Irish Government which [Page 152] had been prepared by Mr. Gray, our Minister to Ireland, while in the United States on consultation recently. The President has approved the message set forth in my telegram of today’s date which might be used instead of the earlier draft. It was the President’s thought that some parts of the former draft might possibly be incorporated in this new draft but he has no strong views in that respect. The new draft message would in our opinion entirely meet the situation. If, however, the British have any suggestions, we shall, of course, be glad to receive them. You might also add that in addition this new draft has also received the approval of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff.24

  1. The Department of Defense has supplied information to the effect that no documentary evidence of JCS approval of the new draft has been discovered, but that, since such action would have been consistent with the views already expressed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it is believed probable that approval was given informally by the officers appointed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to consult with the Department of State on the matter.