740.00114A Pacific War/434: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

1880. American interests—Far East. Please inquire when communication based upon Department’s 1187, May 1887 and follow-up as requested in Department’s 1582, July 588 were delivered to Japanese Government and request that Swiss Minister at Tokyo89 inform Japanese Government that the United States Government is disturbed over the non-receipt of a reply indicating how the Japanese authorities propose that supplies sent from the United States to Vladivostok shall be moved from Vladivostok to Japan and Japanese-controlled territories. As this matter is of the most vital and immediate concern to the United States Government, the Swiss Minister should endeavor to obtain the Japanese Government’s proposal at the earliest possible date.

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Please request that this matter be treated most urgently and inform Department when a communication based on this message shall have been delivered to Japanese Government90 and, if possible, when a reply may be expected.

  1. Quoted in telegram No. 365, May 26, 9 p.m., to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union, p. 803.
  2. See footnote 78, p. 803.
  3. Camille Gorgé.
  4. The Swiss Legation in Japan conveyed this message to the Japanese Government in a note of August 11. As no reply had been received by September 6, the Swiss Legation again brought this matter to the attention of the Japanese Foreign Office.