711.94114 Mail/6a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Standley)

617. Department advised by Post Office Department that latter has been informed by Postmaster in Portland, Oregon, that Soviet vessels have refused to carry prisoners of war mail without specific instructions from authorities in Moscow. In view of the fact that Post Office Department was advised by Soviet Postal Authorities early in June that they could assure 300 kilograms prisoners of war letter mail per month from the United States to the Far East, I wish you would take this matter up immediately with the appropriate authorities with the request that necessary instructions be transmitted to masters of Soviet ships in Portland. Post Office contacted Soviet Purchasing Commission here which telegraphed Moscow for necessary instructions. As of July 16 no reply had been received.

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(Sent at the request of Mr. Grayson,82 Post Office Department).

  1. George H. Grayson, Acting Director of the Division of International Postal Service, Office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General.