861.24/1432: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Standley) to the Secretary of State

407. To Stettinius from Faymonville. During personal inspection at Vladivostok, Major Olson95 was told that Vladivostok and neighboring ports can handle 300,000 tons of cargo monthly during the summer. During winter can handle 230,000 tons per month. At present are handling 200,000 tons monthly. Maximum of 35 ships can be accommodated at one time at Vladivostok with maximum depth water along side dock 35 feet, minimum 25 feet. Monthly capacity Petropavlovsk, Nikolayevsk estimated at 50,000 tons. Nogayeva can handle total of 75,000 tons between 15th of May and 15th of December. Latter three ports all badly in need of cranes. [Faymonville.]

  1. Maj. Clinton L. Olson, U.S. Army, assigned to the United States Supply Mission (Faymonville Mission) in the Soviet Union.