The Chairman of the Government Purchasing Commission of the Soviet Union in the United States (Belyaev) to the Acting Executive of the Munitions Assignments Board (Spalding)

Dear General Spalding: In view of recommendations made by various United States government agencies that details be specified with regard to some items of the Third Program92 recently submitted to your Government by my Government, I am sending to you herewith a list embodying these changes, additions and some of the details requested.93

Again I would like to emphasize that all equipment, requisitions for which have been approved by the United States Government during the Second Protocol period, but delivery of which extends beyond the term of this Second Protocol, should be delivered during the period of the Third Protocol in excess of the items specified in the Third Program.

I hope that this supplement will receive the favorable consideration of your Government.

Sincerely yours

A. I. Belyaev

Major General, U.S.S.R. Army
  1. The draft of a Third Protocol on supplies for the Soviet Union.
  2. List not printed; the United States draft proposals on aid for the Soviet Union under the Third Protocol, based on requirements submitted by the Soviet Government, were passed to the Secretary of State on March 26, 1943, and subsequently transmitted to Soviet authorities for their review.