861.24/1289b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Standley )

99. For Faymonville from Stettinius. In view of termination of supply of aluminum from the United Kingdom, the following indicates action taken on Soviet request for additional aluminum from the United States:

For the first quarter of 1943, the President has granted an additional 3,500 long tons above Protocol commitments which will consist of 1,300 long tons of ingot and 2,200 long tons of sheet. During the first quarter the United States will thereby supply a total of 9,500 long tons. During the second quarter the United States will supply about 5,500 long tons to complete Protocol commitments. The President has made no decision on the Russian request for additional aluminum above the Protocol commitment in the second quarter. You will be informed as soon as decision has been reached.

Repeated to London. [Stettinius.]