740.00114A Pacific War/384: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Standley) to the Secretary of State

220. Reference Secretary Stimson’s17 letter of November 16, 1942, and Department’s reply thereto18 concerning interned bomber crew.

I have discussed this question on a number of occasions with Molotov. Am now informed by my Military Attaché that the Soviet military authorities have advised him that the crew would be moved shortly to Ashkhabad and that there they would be permitted to engage in useful professional work with the Soviet civil air fleet.

I intend to send a member of the Embassy staff together with a doctor to visit the crew in the near future.

Please advise War Department.

  1. Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War.
  2. Neither printed; but see telegram No. 508, November 30, 1942, from the Chargé in the Soviet Union, Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. iii, p. 664.