848A.24/187a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Capetown (Denby)

28. For the Minister. Note containing summary of President’s message delivered to South Afriqan Minister on 10th.20 Later in day, in response to his request, he was received by Assistant Secretary of State Acheson. Mr. Close immediately inquired concerning effect of proposal upon gold mines. Mr. Acheson stated we desired to concentrate upon general question of supplies to and production of all South African industries and that effect upon specific industries could be determined when agreement in principle between three governments concerned had been reached. Minister then asked for special directive for certain critical materials urgently needed by gold mines. Mr. Acheson replied that it would be difficult to justify such supplies as a separate question but intimated that justification might be possible as a part of general economic situation in the event proposal found acceptable.

  1. Not printed.