851D.20/37a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Cuba (Braden)

342. We have reason to believe that local Fighting French Representative will receive instructions from London to proceed to Cayenne to make contact with French Guiana officials. For your own information a member of the Giraud Military Mission here has left for Cayenne and arrives there tomorrow (Sunday). This is in line with the declaration of the Governor in adhering to General Giraud and of the Senior Military Commander who is now in authority there. In order to avoid any clashes or disturbance to the public order it is highly advisable not to have any French officials other than Giraud representatives in Cayenne for the time being. We suggest, therefore, that you take the matter up discreetly with the local Pan American officials and take such measures as may be possible to delay the departure from Cuba of the Fighting French representative. Please keep Department informed of any developments in this regard.