851D.00¼: Telegram

The Consul General at Algiers (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

442. General Giraud has just appointed Mr. Rapenne as Governor of French Guiana, and has asked that facilities be afforded [Page 256]Rapenne so that he can reach Cayenne as soon as possible. He expects to leave tomorrow by way of Natal.

The High Command has been informed that de Gaulle has likewise appointed a Governor of French Guiana, who is also said to be on his way. An effort will be made to straighten this matter out with the Gaullist Mission, but some doubt is expressed whether it will be possible.

If for any other reason the Department should deem it inadvisable for Rapenne to proceed to Cayenne, he may be stopped at Natal where he will get in touch with General Walsh37 as soon as he arrives.

Repeated to Cayenne.

  1. Apparently Gen. Robert Walsh, Commanding General, United States Army Forces in Brazil.