The Department of State to the French Delegate Extraordinary to the French West Indies ( Hoppenot )16


The Government of the United States is prepared to deal with M. Hoppenot as the ultimate authority for the French Antilles, until such time as the United States and British Governments formalize their relations with the French Committee of National Liberation in Algiers.
The voyage of M. Hoppenot to Martinique, and that of the officials whom he desires to have accompany him, will be facilitated. Efforts will be made to have two vessels loaded with lend-lease supplies arrive simultaneously. The Government of the United States will continue to cooperate with M. Hoppenot, particularly in the economic field, as long as he follows the policy which he has already enunciated of close collaboration with the United States.
The provisions of paragraph 2 will be fulfilled upon receipt of the following assurances: [Page 245]
The gold in Martinique will remain intact and subject to inspection by the American Consulate.
No transfer of bank credits to places outside the French Antilles will be permitted without the prior approval of the United States Government.
French commercial tonnage in the Antilles, although remaining under the French flag, will be made available to the Allied war effort in a manner similar to that adopted in the case of French merchant shipping in North Africa.
The United States military interest in the Caribbean area is recognized, and full cooperation with the United States authorities for the defenses of that area is guaranteed.
  1. Handed to Mr. Hoppenot by Mr. Atherton on July 7.