893.001 Chiang Kai-shek/11a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Gauss )

1635. Please convey the following message from the President to President Chiang Kai-shek:

“I have received with deepest pleasure the cordial message from Your Excellency upon the occasion of the signature of the Joint Four-Nation Declaration, and I reciprocate your feeling of satisfaction at its consummation. I welcome the association of China in the work of establishing a better world order. The Declaration gives assurance that the close coalition for war will be blended into an effective and lasting coalition for peace. Upon our two countries and the other nations associated with us in this undertaking will rest the responsibility for the preservation and extension of the principles of freedom, justice, and integrity among nations, for which we are now fighting. The participation of China in this historic Declaration has afforded Secretary Hull and me deep gratification, as it has the American people. The immediate task before us is that of vanquishing the aggressors. Along with this and beyond are the tasks of reconstruction looking toward creating conditions of lasting peace. Formidable [Page 835] though all these tasks are, we march forward to their accomplishment confident of the full and active cooperation of your Government and people.”

The foregoing is in response to a message dated November 3, from President Chiang, which was transmitted through the Chinese Embassy.