893.24/1589: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Vincent ) to the Secretary of State

661. Clubb25 reports from Tihwa conversation with Chinese official (Chaucer H. Wu, Special Commissioner at Tihwa for Foreign Affairs) [Page 603] who has returned from Moscow where he participated in the conferences regarding transportation of Lend-Lease materials over Turk-Sib Railway and across Sinkiang. He was informed that arrangements had been completed; that 1072 American trucks in Iran are to be loaded and transported over Turk-Sib Railway; that about 700 of them will be used by Russians for transporting goods across Sinkiang and about 300 used by Chinese for transportation from Hami into Kansu; and that the trucks will make about 3 round trips every 2 months in order to handle the 2,000 tons monthly of Lend-Lease cargo. They will be loaded with materials for Russia on westbound [trip].

  1. O. Edmund Clubb, Second Secretary of Embassy in China, temporarily assigned at Tihwa.