Memorandum of Conversation, by the Adviser on Political Relations (Duggan)

The Argentine Ambassador6 left with me the attached copy of a telegram received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regard to the acquisition of military and naval matériel by Argentina in the United States. The Ambassador stated that so far neither the War nor Navy Department had given the Argentine delegation any idea of delivery dates. The Argentine Military and Naval Commission here, of course, appreciates the heavy demands for military and naval matériel and, in order that the Government in Buenos Aires may understand, is sending two officers by plane to Buenos Aires.


Telegram Received by the Argentine Ambassador (Espil) From the Argentine Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs (Rothe)

The Minister, Dr. Ruiz Guiñazú,7 reported from Rio de Janeiro that he has talked with Mr. Sumner Welles concerning the necessity of providing our country with munitions of war, equipment, and essential materials for our military factories and shipyards and for the development of heavy industries. For this purpose, I request Your Excellency to expedite the conversations of our military mission and to obtain exact information concerning the possibility of obtaining assurances that within a specified period our primary necessities in munitions, equipment and essential materials for military factories and shipyards will be filled.

  1. Felipe A. Espil.
  2. Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs.