Memorandum by the Adviser on Political Relations (Duggan)4

Sr. García Arias, Minister of the Argentine Embassy, called to state that his Government desired either the Ambassador or, in the Ambassador’s absence, his representative to participate in the discussions which will take place between the Argentine Military and Naval Commission5 and the military and naval authorities of this Government. Sr. García Arias requested that his Government’s desire be brought to the attention of the proper authorities in our War and Navy Departments so that they would not be surprised by the participation of the Ambassador or his representative in the discussions.

I said this would be done.

Laurence Duggan
  1. Addressed to the Liaison Officer (Wilson) and the Under Secretary of State (Welles).
  2. The Commission consisted of five military officers headed by Brig. Gen. Eduardo T. Lapez and six naval officers under Rear Adm. Sabá Sueyro.