The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

No. 1619

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my despatch no. 1209 of June 30, 1942, and to previous reports concerning the movement in Uruguay in favor of the resumption of relations with Russia.

As reported in my despatch no. 1183 of June 23, the question was brought prominently to the fore in connection with the meeting, attended by Dr. Guani, held in the Ateneo of Montevideo on June 22 to observe the anniversary of Germany’s aggression against Russia.

Early in July, a delegation of the organization “Acción Antinazi de Ayuda a los Pueblos Libres” delivered to President Baldomir several albums containing petitions for the resumption of relations [Page 266]with Russia said to bear over twenty thousand signatures. The President was quoted in La Razón as having told the delegation that resumption was a measure which was “on its way” (en marcha) and that Dr. Guani’s statements at the Ateneo on June 22 (my despatch no. 1183) “reflected the Government’s sentiments”.

While the movement has continued, there were no further developments of any particular interest until early in September when a meeting was held in the Ateneo for the purpose of organizing a “Comité pro-Relaciones con Rusia”. According to press reports, the committee has been set up with Dr. Pedro Diaz as Chairman, Dr. Héctor Paysse Reyes as Secretary, and Thomas Richardson Arrieta as Pro-Secretary. Among its members is Dr. Raúl Baethgen who is chairman of the non-partisan committee which has launched the presidential candidacy of Dr. Eugenio J. Lagarmilla.

The “Comité pro-Relaciones con Rusia” plans, it is reported, to issue a manifesto and to conduct a vigorous campaign. Its membership includes in particular persons active in the Ateneo and leaders of the Batllista and Independent Blanco political groups.

Respectfully yours,

William Dawson