862.33/445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain ( Hayes ) to the Secretary of State

1758. Foreign Office has received telegram summarizing aide-mémoire along the lines of Department’s 1166, November 4, 10 p.m.83

It states that the two tankers are already in the inner harbor and the cargo ship Bessel also will be placed there.

Department’s 888, September 18, 3 p.m.84 Total naval petroleum stocks as of October 10 were 5,799 tons fuel oil and 580 tons gas oil divided among Ferrol, Cádiz, Cartagena, Palma, Mahon, Seller, Crucero, Canarias and the remaining vessels of the Spanish Fleet.

A later statement of navy stocks is being prepared. A statement of military stocks has also been requested of the military.

  1. Telegram No. 1166 not printed; for aide-mémoire, see supra.
  2. Not printed.