The Spanish Embassy to the Department of State

The Spanish Embassy has received the following cable from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Madrid.

“Several times in the past the Spanish Government has been compelled to deny certain news spread by part of the American Press.

“A certain newspaper Agency comes now with the report that German submarines have their bases at the Canary Islands and that they are refueled there. On February 26th of this year the Spanish Government published a statement refuting a similar report, and again on June 31st the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demonstrated with irrefutable arguments that the Spanish boats accused of providing fuel to submarines were absolutely unable to do so, since all petroleum products they carried on board were controlled by the American Supervisors.

“On June 30th of this same year it was also found necessary to point out the falsehood that Spanish boats transmitted radio messages requesting other boats to retransmit them, with the purpose of making submarines around acquainted with the situation of those boats.

“Once more the Spanish Government wants to deny most emphatically such inaccurate news.”