740.0011 European War 1939/20830: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador to the Polish Government in Exile (Biddle), at London

Polish Series No. 16. Reference your despatch 137 of March 30, 1942 relating to the evacuation of Polish troops into Iran. We have also received information from Kuibyshev that large numbers of Polish troops and civilians are being moved into Iran.

Please discreetly inquire and inform the Department as soon as possible: (A) regarding the number of troops and civilians which have already been evacuated, the total number to be evacuated, and the rate at which they are being evacuated; (B) whether the evacuation is being conducted in an orderly manner in accordance with [Page 138] plans or whether the Poles are being dumped indiscriminately regardless of the existence or non existence of facilities to shelter, clothe, feed, and hospitalize them; and who are being evacuated.

We are concerned lest an indiscriminate dumping of Poles into Northern Iran may not lead to a major tragedy as a result of the lack of facilities to care for them.