703.5492/24: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

2977. American interests—Thailand. Department’s 1635, June 24. Contents of telegram under reference communicated to Foreign Office, Switzerland, for transmission Swiss Consulate, Bangkok, but Consulate telegraphed June 22 that copy of official report regarding relinquishment American Legation and copy of inventory have been given to representative of Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs which again demanded to receive them. Peck will carry copy of official report with him and send it direct to the Department. Cash turned over to Swiss Consulate totals 24 baht and 61 stang plus deposit 17,840 baht and 25 stang from American Presbyterian Mission. Please instruct whether Foreign Office should be requested to ask Consulate, Bangkok, to take further steps regarding surrender of copy of inventory.


[On June 29 the entire Legation personnel, all non-official American citizens in Bangkok, except for four American women missionaries who elected to remain in Thailand, and six persons of other nationalities were embarked on the Thai vessel Valaya. They were transferred to the Japanese exchange vessel Asama Maru near Saigon on July 3 and landed at Lourenço Marques on July 22.]