811B.001 Quezon, Manuel/168

The Chief of Staff (Marshall) to the Acting Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: The President has approved the plans for the return of Mr. Quezon as outlined in the attached paper. However, he directed that you be contacted reference same.

[Page 905]

Your concurrence is requested.52

For the Chief of Staff:
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Major General, Assistant Chief of Staff

Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of Staff (Eisenhower)53

The Chief of Staff directs that the following message be sent by the most expeditious means possible consistent with secrecy to The President, Hyde Park, New York: WDWPD:54

The following secret radiogram has just been received from General MacArthur:

“In view of changed military conditions in the Philippines President Quezon now desires to accept the invitation previously extended to him to remove the seat of his Government to Washington. I therefore plan to send him and his party secretly to the United States on the SS Coolidge scheduled to leave Melbourne April 21st. I have directed that his transportation be without expense to him and that during the voyage he will be regarded as under the auspices of our Government. Due to his presence aboard, the ship is being convoyed to limit of jurisdiction of this area. Request that necessary orders be issued to insure convoy for remainder of voyage. This is considered essential not only for his actual protection but because of the political repercussions which might follow if every safety precaution were not taken. Request advice of action.”

The invitation to which General MacArthur refers was communicated to him on December 31, 1941, in the following language:

“Philippine Commissioner here55 and Secretary Stimson in consultation with the President feel that evacuation of Manuel Quezon from Luzon to United States where he could carry on as head of Philippine Government in exile and as the symbol of the redemption of the Islands is highly desirable if it can be accomplished.”

We desire to answer General MacArthur’s cablegram today because of the early sailing date specified.

Admiral King states that the Naval escort requested by General [Page 906] MacArthur can be provided. I am delaying reply to General MacArthur pending your confirmation of plan.


Dwight D. Eisenhower
Major General
  1. An attached undated chit by Mr. Welles states that concurrence was given. President Quezon, four members of his family, Vice President Osmeña, and an entourage of 13 sailed from Australia on April 21 and arrived at San Francisco on May 8.
  2. Memorandum signed by Lt. Col. G. Ordway, Jr., Assistant Executive of the Operations Division.
  3. War Department, War Plans Division.
  4. Joaquin M. Elizalde, Resident Commissioner of the Philippines.
  5. Maj. Gen. Joseph T. McNarney, Deputy Chief of Staff.