811B.001 Quezon, Manuel L./164

Memorandum Prepared in the Division of Far Eastern Affairs29

It is understood that transportation for the evacuation from Corregidor in all probability can be provided by the Navy.

It is believed that evacuation of President Quezon and his family, Vice President Osmeña and the immediate members of the Commonwealth Cabinet should be brought about.

If a journey thus begun by those persons is to be continued with ultimate destination the United States, it would seem that the American Government forthwith make plans for receiving and taking care of the party. (This would probably require consultation with and collaboration with the Secretary of the Interior.30)

Following up his memorandum of this morning, General Marshall has just now called me on the telephone and requested that we here make a preliminary draft of a telegram for expedition to General MacArthur31 along the lines of a telegram which we had drafted and which we discussed with him on January 25 and 26.

  1. Presumably by the Chief of the Division (Hamilton). An attached chit by Mr. Hamilton states that he left the original with General Marshall on the afternoon of February 2.
  2. Harold L. Ickes.
  3. Draft telegram prepared on February 2 by Mr. Hornbeck and left with General Marshall by Mr. Hamilton that afternoon. With only minor changes, it was transmitted the same evening; see p. 893.