The Acting Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Atcheson) to the Washington Representative of the Korean National Front Federation (Haan)

My Dear Mr. Haan: Reference is made to your letter of November 30, 1942,37 in regard to various questions relating to Korea, and to your conversation at the Department with Mr. Salisbury and me of the same date.

You will recall that during the conversation we mentioned pertinent statements of various high officials of the Government, including [Page 880] the radio address of the Secretary of State on July 23, 1942,38 in the course of which the Secretary stated:

“We have always believed—and we believe today—that all peoples, without distinction of race, color, or religion, who are prepared and willing to accept the responsibilities of liberty, are entitled to its enjoyment. We have always sought—and we seek today—to encourage and aid all who aspire to freedom to establish their right to it by preparing themselves to assume its obligations. We have striven to meet squarely our own responsibility in this respect—in Cuba, in the Philippines, and wherever else it has devolved upon us. It has been our purpose in the past—and will remain our purpose in the future—to use the full measure of our influence to support attainment of freedom by all peoples who, by their acts, show themselves worthy of it and ready for it.”

As of possible interest a copy of the full text of the Secretary’s address is enclosed.

Sincerely yours,

George Atcheson, Jr.
  1. Not printed.
  2. Department of State Bulletin, July 25, 1942, p. 689.