The Secretary of State to the Chairman of the Korean Commission in the United States ( Rhee )

Dear Dr. Rhee: Reference is made to your letter to the Secretary of State of February 7, 1942 with which there were enclosed a document addressed to the President of the United States dated June 6, 1941, a document addressed to the Secretary of State bearing the same date and a document entitled Credential also dated June 6, 1941.10

As you are no doubt aware, the Department has stated in an announcement of its policy toward the activities of foreign political leaders in the United States that it is glad to be informed of the plans and proposed activities of organizations of aliens in this country who wish to assist in the struggle against Axis domination of the world. Accordingly, the Department is glad to be informed of the activities of Koreans who are assisting in the task of defeating Japan and her allies and, consequently, is making note of the information conveyed in the documents under reference regarding the plans and objectives of the organization to which they relate.

For your convenience there is enclosed herewith a copy of the Department’s press release of December 10, 194111 in which there is set forth a statement of the Department’s policy in matters of this kind.

Sincerely yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Adolf A. Berle

Assistant Secretary
  1. Letter to Secretary of State and “Credential” not printed.
  2. Department of State Bulletin, December 13, 1941, p. 519.