390.1115/6099: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

2845. American interests—prisoners of war, China. Your 5807, December 11th. Request Swiss Government to inform Swiss Minister Tokyo of Japanese position as reported by Consul General Shanghai if that has not been done.

Japanese Government has not previously indicated to this Government that it would apply provisions of Geneva Prisoners of War Convention of 1929 only to extent that its provisions do not change the effect of Japanese laws in force.

Swiss Minister should take this matter up with Japanese Foreign Office and state that this Government views with concern the application to prisoners of war of domestic legislation which provides treatment less favorable than the humanitarian safeguards set up by the Convention.

This Government desires to be informed if the Japanese Government intends to limit its application of the Convention as reported from Shanghai and, if so, desires to be informed of the provisions of any other domestic legislation which would tend in application to contravene the safeguards of the Convention.