811.248/790: Telegram

The Minister in Ireland ( Gray ) to the Secretary of State

231. Reference my 204, October 16, and 210, October 25, and Department’s 141, November 12. Winant in London showed me your draft of instructions to be forwarded to me in the event of his approval. At his suggestion I discussed the instructions and the internment question in detail with General Hartle who raised no objections and believed this line would help the British also. Before making my recommendations to you and asking for instructions I had discussed the question with Maffey, the British representative, who feels that the line we propose would be helpful to him.

I consider the proposed instructions entirely adequate for exploring the question with the Irish Government and believe this should be done if possible before and [any?] incident occurs. Am sending a copy of this telegram to Winant with request that if he is entirely satisfied he will at once notify you so that I may receive the instructions.