123 P 54/528: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

5487. For William Phillips.59 I have suggested to the President that you be invited to proceed to New Delhi as his personal representative. This suggestion has met with the President’s approval and it is the earnest hope of the Department that you will undertake this assignment which is regarded as one of profound importance in view of the political and military problems related to the current Indian situation.

Colonel Donovan60 has indicated that if the appointment is acceptable to you, you will be released at once for such period as your services in India may require. I assume that you will have heard direct from Colonel Donovan on this point.

I should appreciate your informing me at your earliest convenience whether the appointment as envisaged is acceptable to you.

  1. Former Ambassador in Italy; at this time Director of the London office of the Office of Strategic Services.
  2. Col. William J. Donovan, Director, Office of Strategic Services.