845.24/275: Telegram

The Officer in Charge at New Delhi (Haselton) to the Secretary of State

816. Although no questions have ever been asked officially, interested branches of the Government have clearly implied that information [Page 743] would be welcomed concerning prospective appointment of economic adviser recommended by Grady Mission and his arrival here. Government has also been anxious to know about railway executives and experts and steel technicians who have long been promised.

Sir Homi Mody, supply member Viceroy’s Council, is reliably reported to have said a few days ago that United States is apparently so disturbed by political situation here that plans for sending these experts have been abandoned.

In informal conversations with officers of this Mission recently various Government officials have made it clear that they are increasingly curious about long delay in appointment of Chief of Mission here.

The Mission would be extremely grateful for enlightenment on these points as soon as Department is in a position to give it. In any reply which Department may make to this inquiry please state specifically whether information may be conveyed formally or informally to Government of India.