Press Release Issued by the Department of State, September 11, 1942

Joint Statement by the Governments of the United States and India Regarding the Submission of the Final Report of the Technical Mission to India

The final report of the American Technical Mission55 has been submitted by its Chairman, Dr. Henry F. Grady, to the Governments of India and the United States. The report contains much factual data concerning the production in India of essential war materials and the recommendations of the Mission for the expansion of such production. The two Governments are now engaged in studying the Mission’s report and the manner in which its various recommendations may be implemented.

The function of the Mission was to investigate the industrial resources of India and to recommend ways and means by which these resources could be developed to augment production for war purposes. The work of the Mission, therefore, was directly related to the common war effort of the United Nations and was not connected with the post-war industrial and commercial problems of India. The report of the Mission contains a survey of the principal industries of India ancillary to the war effort and its principal industrial requirements. For each of these, the Mission made recommendations suggesting action by either the Government of India or the Government of the United States. In those instances in which additional output was shown to be required, the Mission recommended the erection of new plants or the installation of additional machinery in existing plants. It also suggested the rearrangement of existing machinery in order that maximum efficiency in production might be attained. The congestion at certain Indian ports received the attention of the Mission, which made various recommendations designed to expedite the loading, unloading, and repair of ships. In addition, it called attention to the overburdened condition of the railways and suggested measures for its alleviation. Vigorous steps have already been taken by the Government of India to implement some of the recommendations contained in the preliminary report of the Mission; and in this program it is being assisted by equipment and material from the United States and the United Kingdom.

With the full approval of the Government of India, the Mission recommended that a number of production engineers and technicians be sent from the United States to advise and assist in increasing the industrial production in India. Steps have already been taken to secure the services of these experts and a number of them will soon be departing to undertake their new and important assignments.

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The Governments of India and the United States have been impressed with the comprehensive character of the Mission’s report. Its recommendations appear to be both constructive and timely. The Governments concerned will determine the extent to which the Mission’s program is to be implemented and will seek promptly to execute their decision.

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