Press Release Issued by the Department of State, August 12, 1942

The following statement of this Government’s policy has been made a part of the orders to the American military forces in India: [Page 721]

  • “1. The sole purpose of the American forces in India is to prosecute the war of the United Nations against the Axis powers. In the prosecution of the war in that area the primary aim of the Government of the United States is to aid China.
  • 2. American forces are not to indulge to the slightest degree in activities of any other nature unless India should be attacked by the Axis powers, in which event American troops would aid in defending India.
  • 3. American forces in India will exercise scrupulous care to avoid the slightest participation in India’s internal political problems, or even the appearance of so doing.
  • 4. In event of internal disturbances American forces will resort to defensive measures only should their own personal safety or that of other American citizens be endangered or for the necessary protection of American military supplies and equipment.”