845.24/117: Telegram

The Officer in Charge at New Delhi ( Merrell ) to the Secretary of State

354. The following self explanatory announcement was made this afternoon:

“The Governor General in Council has considered the report of the American Technical Mission and has decided to implement its recommendations to the maximum extent possible. In pursuance of one of the most important of these recommendations a committee of the Executive Council has been set up to deal with and coordinate problems of war production, transportation, communications, finance, rationing of goods and materials, and all connected matters. This committee will be known as the ‘War Resources Committee of Council’ and will consist of His Excellency the Governor General, President, His Excellency the Defence Member, the Supply Member, Vice President and the Finance, Commerce and Communications Members.

The committee will have a whole time secretary. It will meet from day to day and one of its first tasks will be to push on with the action already taken on the report. The committee will when necessary coopt other [apparent omission] of India and its decisions will be binding on all authorities in India.”

There is no news as to changes in the composition of the Council.

It is also separately announced that a new office has been created under the Supply Department to be known as the Directors General of Ship Repairs and Ship Construction. This office is apparently to coordinate efforts of existing agencies and will be responsible to the Government of India and in appropriate cases through the Government of India to His Majesty’s Government.