845.01/193: Telegram

The Consul at Bombay ( Donovan ) to the Secretary of State

400. The Maharaja of Indore has addressed in the form of an open letter to President Roosevelt a strongly worded appeal for the direct intervention of the United States in the present impasse between India and Great Britain. This letter was delivered to Reuter’s and appeared in the Indian press today and it has probably had publicity in the [Page 666] United States. Does the Department wish me to telegraph either a summary or the full text?

My comments on this letter are as follows: It is my opinion that the Maharaja’s attitude as expressed in this telegram has very little support among other ruling Princes. It is also my opinion that the Maharaja’s letter to the President has been prompted by his very real concern over the critical political situation now developing in India which some experienced observers believe may result in mass civil disobedience within the next few months. See my despatch number 517, May 19.80

The Maharaja of Indore has an American wife now in the United States. See my telegram number 319.81

  1. Not printed.
  2. Dated May 5, 6 p.m., not printed.