845.01/147: Telegram

The Officer in Charge at New Delhi (Haselton) to the Secretary of State

140. Reference my 141, noon.44 I am reliably informed that General Wavell45 and Nehru46 will meet tomorrow or Sunday for the purpose of discussing and arriving at a clear division between the spheres of activity of an Indian defence member and the Commander in Chief. The chances of them reaching a satisfactory solution are considered good in informed quarters. It is also reported that should a solution be reached Nehru will be defence member.

There is a persistent rumor in informed quarters that behind the Congress objections to the proposals there lurks a fundamental distrust of any promise that Britain may make for a post-war arrangement. It is thought quite probable therefore that Congress has or will request Cripps to obtain a guarantee of fulfillment from some third power preferably the United States.

  1. Infra.
  2. Gen. Sir Archibald P. Wavell, British Commander in Chief in India.
  3. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress Party leader; associated with Gandhi in opposition to British rule in India.