The British Ambassador ( Halifax ) to the Acting Secretary of State

My Dear Welles: On instructions from London I send you herewith a copy of the text of the British Government’s proposals regarding [Page 622] India.38 These proposals are to be published simultaneously in India and in London at 3 a.m. British Summer Time on Monday, March 30th, and arrangements are being made by the British Information Services for its simultaneous release in this country.

Please treat these proposals as confidential until such time as they are published.

Yours very sincerely,


P. S. I enclose an additional copy and if you can get it, or the gist of it, to the President before publication, I would be grateful if you would. H.

  1. For text, see British Cmd. 6350: India (Lord Privy Seal’s Mission) … April, 1942, p. 4.