The British Prime Minister (Churchill) to President Roosevelt26

XXXC Number 13 March 4, 1942.27 From Former Naval Person27a to the President. Number 34.

We are earnestly considering whether a declaration of Dominion status after the war carrying with it if desired the right to secede should be made at this critical juncture. We must not on any account break with the Moslems who represent a hundred million people and the main army elements on which we must rely for the immediate fighting. We have also to consider our duty towards 30 to 40 million untouchables and our treaties with the princes states of India, perhaps 80 millions. Naturally we do not want to throw India into chaos on the eve of invasion.

Meanwhile I send you in my immediately following telegram two representative messages I have received and a summary of a memorandum by the Military Secretary, India office.28
I will keep you informed.
  1. Copy obtained from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N. Y.
  2. Cablegram from London received at the War Department Message Center, March 4, 1942, 7:08 a.m.
  3. Code name for Prime Minister Churchill.
  4. See Winston S. Churchill, The Hinge of Fate, pp. 209–211.