811.111 Refugee Children/109

The Belgian Ambassador (Van der Straten-Ponthoz) to the Secretary of State42

D. 8406
No. 5955

Sir: I understand that Your Excellency has submitted to President Roosevelt a plan concerning the transfer to the United States of four or five thousand children of different nationalities, such as Belgians, Dutch, Czecoslovaquians and etc., who would remain in this country until the end of hostilities.

However, according to my information, the American Government wishes to obtain, beforehand, from the interested governments, the assurance that these children will be permitted to return to their respective countries after the war.

As far as children sent from Belgium are concerned, I can give Your [Page 476] Excellency assurances that Belgian authorities will authorize the children of Belgian nationality to reenter Belgium at the termination of their sojourn in the United States.

I avail myself [etc.]

R. v. Straten
  1. Undated; received in the Department on October 5, 1942.