840.48 Refugees/2946

Memorandum by Mr. George F. Scherer of the Division of the American Republics to the Chief of the Division (Bonsal)

Mr. Bonsal: Mr. O’Donoghue13 of the Embassy at Habana telephoned during the afternoon of April 28, to bring the San Tomé case up-to-date. He stated that the following regulations had been issued, apparently after a conference between the Prime Minister and the Director of Immigration on April 27:

Natives of countries at war with Cuba or of countries occupied by enemies who have become legally naturalized as citizens of allied or neutral countries may disembark.
Natives of unoccupied countries or countries occupied in part by the Axis may disembark.
All members of families, one or more of which are entitled to disembark, may also be permitted disembarkation.
Persons claiming legal residence in the United States are to be interned in Tiscornia until the American Embassy has verified their residence. (Mr. O’Donoghue explained that this provision may have been made to cover the cases of one or two passengers claiming legal United States residence. He believes, however, they may be granted permission to continue to the United States.)

All persons in the above categories will be held at Tiscornia pending decision in each case.

Persons bearing German passports, whether or not Jewish race is indicated, are not to be allowed to disembark.

Mr. O’Donoghue reported a slightly more optimistic feeling that this whole matter would be adjusted on a satisfactory basis. Vice Consul Jukes inspected the vessel on arrival, reporting it to be clean and apparently well run.

  1. Sidney Eugene O’Donoghue.