740.0011 European War 1939/18682

Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of European Affairs ( Henderson ) to the Acting Chief of the Division ( Atherton )

Mr. Atherton: You will note Mr. Long’s memorandum60 covering a conversation which he has had with Litvinoff.

It is likely that the Russians will oppose the adherence of all “Free Movements” to the Declaration of the 26 Nations except those which [Page 35] have a Communist center or are willing to work for certain specific Soviet aims. If Litvinoff succeeds in obtaining a veto power for the Soviet Government with regard to future adherences to the Declaration, the Soviet Government is likely at some time or other to use this power in a manner which may be embarrassing to us and to the other signatories.

  1. Dated January 12, 1942, not printed.