701.0023/39: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

239. Department’s 178, March 2, 8 p.m. Foreign Office today informed me that Spanish Ambassador49a on instructions from Madrid had again stated that German Government alleged that its negotiations with the United States were not complete and insisted that German official personnel be repatriated via Buenos Aires. The Spanish Ambassador had in consequence renewed his inquiries as to possibility of safe-conduct from the United States Government to permit such Austrian [sic] Ambassador to take Swedish ship now available to Mollendo, and thence by rail to Argentina from where the party would embark for Europe.

The Foreign Office was advised that the United States Government would not grant safe-conduct for this travel and it in turn notified the Ambassador.

The Spanish Ambassador had also informed the Foreign Office that the German Government would agree to release all Peruvians in Germany or German occupied territory on condition that all Germans in Peru who might wish to depart might do so.

The Foreign Office continues resolved to deport Axis officials via the United States and also undesirable Axis non-official personnel. It hopes that means may be found also to transport other non-officials and families who may wish to leave Peru for eventual repatriation as contemplated by the Department’s telegram No. 188, March 5, 7 p.m.50

In view of gradation in official categories of diplomatic, consular and other chief Axis personnel and in social classes of non-officials to be expelled from Peru, I trust that instructions may be issued to commanders that vessels conveying such personnel to the United States to adhere insofar as may be possible in allocating accommodation to the classified lists which will be supplied them from this Embassy.

The Chief of Detectives of Ministry of the Interior has just informed Embassy officer of anonymous telephone call wherein [Page 332] speaker mentioned strictly confidential list of Germans to be expelled giving date of secret call of United States ship at Callao and stating that it would not be permitted to take off German nationals.

  1. Pablo de Churruea Dótres, Marques de Aycinena.
  2. Not printed.