The Secretary of State to the Minister in Paraguay (Frost)48

No. 216

The Secretary of State informs the Legation, for possible discreet use, that this Government, not wishing to be bound by any considerations of reciprocity should there be received requests to retain enemy alien personnel as custodians of enemy diplomatic property or for other purposes in connection with the representation of enemy interests in the United States, has expressed its unwillingness that any of its personnel remain in enemy territory as custodians of property or to assist the Swiss authorities in connection with protection of American interests.

Several persons insisted on remaining and the Department warned them that they would be doing so on their own responsibility and that it would not consider them eligible to relief from its funds.

  1. The same on the same date to the Ambassadors in Peru (No. 1009), and Uruguay (No. 344), the Minister in Ecuador (No. 916), and the Chargé in Bolivia (No. 496).