The Department of State to the Swiss Legation


The Department of State acknowledges the receipt of the memorandum of December 13, 1941, from the Swiss Legation in charge of Italian Interests, in which the Legation set forth a proposal of the [Page 310] Italian Government for the exchange on a reciprocal basis of the official personnel and their dependents of the American Embassy at Rome and of the Italian Embassy at Washington.

The Department refers to its memorandum of January 7, 1942,18 with which was enclosed a copy in duplicate of the proposal of this Government for the exchange of diplomatic, consular and other official personnel between the United States, certain other American Republics, and the Axis Powers in Europe. The Department considers that this proposal constitutes an acceptance in principle of the proposal of the Italian Government.

  1. Not printed; it enclosed a copy of the Department’s telegram No. 338, December 19, 1941 (p. 289), to the Chargé in Switzerland, and stated that it considered that the enclosed proposal constituted acceptance in principle of the proposal of the German Government. (701.6211/1453)